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Classic Cheese Display

Consists of select cubed cheeses, grapes, strawberries, mustard and crackers


Formal Cheese Display

Made up of  a variety of hard cheeses, grapes, seasonal fruits, crostini's, crackers, and mustard


Only the best imported and aged cheese, sliced meats, assorted fruits, imported olives, pickled peppers, flavored olive oils, with a variety of crusty breads and crostinis.

Formal Fruit Display

Assorted melons, grapes, berries, and seasonal exotic fruits with chantilly cream.

Charcuterie Table

A fine selection of the following meats - prosciutto, capocollo, mortadella, soppressata, tasso ham, applewood smoked ham, charred andouille sausage all of this accompanied by sweet gherkins, roasted garlic, dried figs wrapped in bacon, sweet mustard hot mustard and a variety of crusty breads..

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