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Your tasting will be with the Chef and Just Ask Catering’s Event Coordinator, Stacey. They will help you by making any suggestions they can. You can expect to be at the tasting for about two hours. Just Ask Catering asks that you create your tasting menu from one of our menu's located in the menu's tab, or contact us to discuss custom menu choices!  


You will be asked to pick the following:

1-2 Hors D'oeuvres (if desired)

2 Entrees ​(2-3 Meats)

2 Vegetables

2 Starches

Before booking, call or shoot us an email for a quick, pre-tasting consultation. We'll work with you to create a menu tailored to your unique tastes.

*Because of the overwhelming amount of wedding inquiries and time available to make decisions it is necessary for us to charge a $30.00 per person fee and we ask that you bring no more than six people (if more people are needing to come we can make arrangements for this).


This will be paid prior to the tasting, and when you book with Just Ask Catering, then the amount you paid for the tasting will be credited to your invoice*


Catering is a significant part of any event. In order for us to help plan that perfect moment, we always recommend having a tasting. At your tasting, we can sit down and go over all of the intimate details of your special day and get a good understanding of how you would like the events to flow.


Your tasting is also an opportunity to put a name with a face and begin building that relationship. We can talk about your likes, dislikes, your concerns, and your budget. The nice thing about working with Just Ask Catering, is that if a pre-designed menu is not to your liking or within your budget, we can customize a menu specific to your requirements.


If you live out of town and you have a trusted relative close by, we are more than happy to meet with them and conference you in on the details.

Choose From Our Menu Options or Create Your Own Custom Menu!

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